How to listen to YouTube videos on your mobile with the screen off (no-hack solution)

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As an information junkie I love ingesting information on the go. For me the only way to satisfy my basic needs for new information is tightly linked to listening since I can really spend much time into actually reading due to my business chores.

I came across this solution quite by accident while rummaging through my browser settings. This is extremely useful when Ilisten to Podcasts, Audio books or just music. The solution works on Android and has not been tested on Apple. Please, if an apple lover — do share how it works for you 😉

Step 1. Download your BRAVE browser to your phone. Browser similar to Chrome or Firefox (heard by Tim Ferriss)

Step 2. Log in to your google account through the browser (Brave) and afterwards open (yes, the catch is — you need use the mobile browser version of YouTube via Brave)

Step 3. Open the menu in the upper right corner (the three vertical points) and select Settings.

Step 4. Look for the “Background video playback” option and change it to “Enable”

Step-by-step activation

How to video

Step 5. Listen to your favorite shows / books / music with the screen off while doing house chores or just browsing other apps on your phone.


Having your screen of has two major advantages:

  1. You don’t accidently touch something on your screen
  2. Save battery power

Since battery power is not such a big concern for me — there is another solution for protecting your screen from touch-tycoon scenarios.

Step 1: Install Baby Screen Lock — (this app works for me but there are many more). The idea of the app is to disable touchscreen while your kid is watching toons on your phone (it’s another topic if that’s something your kid should actually do!)

Courtesy to Google Play

Step 2: Play the YouTube video you wish and activate the screen lock. If activate — you will see a semi-transparent happy baby face on the upper right corner of your screen. To release the lock just tap 3 consequent times on it.


Holistic health coach, entrepreneur and information junkie

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Ivan Germanov

Ivan Germanov

Holistic health coach, entrepreneur and information junkie

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